COVID protocol

Your health declaration during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Prior to travel, please check your temperature and confirm that you do not have a fever. Do not travel if you have a fever.
  • Please stay at home and do not travel if you have recently been diagnosed with or are currently experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.
  • If you’ve recently had close contact with someone who has COVID-19, the CDC recommends quarantining for 10 days in your home and avoiding travel.
  • If you have questions, feel you cannot or should not travel, or need rebooking assistance, please contact Villa Services or Reservations.
  • If you or your guests had close contact with someone who has COVID-19 during your visit or contract COVID-19 during or immediately following your visit to Seven Canyons please contact the VOA staff/management immediately. 
  • Any costs incurred by the VOA directly related to the COVID-19 exposure risk caused by you or your guests will be charged to your account; e.g., sanitizing the Villa where you or your guests resided, COVID-19 tests, or other similar costs.



Frequently Asked Questions


To ensure the distinctive character and culture of The Villas at Seven Canyons can be enjoyed by all Owners and their guests, we have prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions to ensure your visit to The Villas at Seven Canyons is filled with unparalleled experiences at an extraordinary place like no other.


What is the Dress Code?

It is expected that Owners and their guests will dress in a fashion befitting the surroundings and atmosphere of Seven Canyons. In general, gentlemen and ladies shall dress in a fashion compatible with the appropriate occasion. Shoes with metal spikes are prohibited at all times on the Property.  For more details, see the VOA’s Rules & Regulations.

Is there a Code of Conduct?

It is important that Owners and their guests adhere to a common set of rules and conduct while on the premises of the Villas. Courtesy and common sense must prevail in the proper utilization of the Villas and Common Elements. All Owners have a right to “quiet enjoyment,” privacy, and an expectation of a world-class, exclusive luxury experience at all times while in residence or otherwise on the premises. To uphold these standards, Owners and guests are expected to act in a manner consistent with good taste that promotes harmony, mutual respect, and promotes the good reputation of The Villas at Seven Canyons.  For more details, see the VOA’s Rules & Regulations.

Are Unaccompanied Guests Allowed?

Unaccompanied guests of owners are allowed. However, as a private gated community, only registered guests will have access to the gated entrance. Use of the physical amenities is restricted to the Owners and registered guests in residence. Owners should contact Villa Services to make reservation arrangements for their guests or Elite Alliance luxury club exchange.

Will Unaccompanied Guest have Club privileges?

Guests will have full club privileges as long as the deeded owner is a club member. Guests will be charged guest fees when playing golf.

May I Bring My Pet?

As a Villas at Seven Canyons guest, we are delighted to accept your trained, well-mannered dog as our guest, but cats and other animals are not allowed. To ensure a comfortable stay please contact Villas Services for a copy of the Pet Policy and Pet Registration Form prior to bringing your dog.  A Pet Fee is charged. Service Animals are allowed under the ADA, consistent with the VOA’s Rules & Regulations.

May I Bring My Recreational Vehicles?

Recreational vehicles are not allowed on property. To help ensure the safety of Residents, recreational scooters, skateboards, go-carts, bicycles, and other similar objects shall not be used on sidewalks.

Is there a Noise Ordinance?

Due to the unique environment of Seven Canyons, noise can travel for extended distances. Please use common sense and courtesy in regard to noise and keep at a reasonable level so other Residents are not disturbed.  For more details, see the VOA’s Rules & Regulations.

Is the Villas at Seven Canyons Smoke Free?

The Villas has adopted an indoor smoke free environment and smoking is strictly prohibited inside any Villa. It is also important to be courteous and respectful of others nearby when outdoors. Please refrain from smoking in areas where smoke is likely to travel to adjacent areas that would bother or disrupt others, such as patios and condensed outdoor spaces.

What are the Pool Rules?

Specific pool rules, including hours of operation, will vary throughout the year and are posted at the pool area. All children under 3 years of age must wear a swim diaper AND a plastic pant.

Are there Early Arrival and Late Departure Procedures?

The Villas cannot guarantee an early check-in (before 4PM) however, your request will be noted, and Villa Services will do its best to accommodate. Late check-outs (after 11AM) are sometimes available, but must be requested through Villa Services.

Are there any Restricted Activities?

Fireworks are strictly prohibited anywhere on the Property or adjacent areas.

Firearms and other weapons are not permitted on the Property unless ‘in transit’ and safely disassembled/made inoperative for travel (e.g., consistent with FAA/TSA requirements).

Operating of drones or any similar, remote-controlled aerial vehicles or devices is prohibited anywhere on the Property and adjacent areas unless otherwise approved by the Board of the Villas at Seven Canyons Owners Association.

Are there Concierge Services?

Villa Services provides concierge service and can assist guests with restaurant reservations, arranging for spa services, recommending hiking trails, booking transportation, procuring tickets to special events, and assisting with tours of local attractions. Villa Services can also assist with sending and receiving mail.

Is there a Business Center or Office Services/Support Onsite?

While Villa Services can assist with peripheral office assistance (e.g. light scanning, copying, transmitting packets/deliveries, etc.), there’s no dedicated Business Center on site at Seven Canyons.  Each Villa provides a small den/office, and Villa Services can assist with arranging a meeting area/room at the Clubhouse, if needed.

Can I Pre-book Tee Times at the Golf Club?

If you are a Member of the Golf Club at Seven Canyons, you can pre-arrange tee times, lessons, dinner and/or activities for your stay at the Villas.  Contact the Golf Club directly.  If you are traveling without equipment, no worries… golf clubs are available for rent at the Club.

Where are the Nearest Airports?

Sedona Airport (SDX, SEZ)                   Small aircraft/jets                    15-minute drive

Flagstaff Airport (FLG)                          Small commercial service        45-minute drive

Phoenix – Sky Harbor (PHX)                 International service                2-hour drive


What are the Average Temperatures?



Temperature (F)

Daily Maximum / Minimum

Precipitation Inches










































Getting to Seven Canyons

Driving Directions from Phoenix:

For directions from other locations, please contact the Concierge at (928) 203-2015.

From Phoenix:

Take Interstate 17 North to the Cottonwood Exit, Highway 260

At Cottonwood, take 89A North to Sedona.

From Sedona, go to the second light and turn left onto Dry Creek Road.

Go approximately 3 miles on Dry Creek Road.

Dry Creek Road will dead end at a "T" stop.

Turn Right onto Long Canyon Road.

Go approximately 1 mile to the Seven Canyons Gatehouse.


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